My action plan for affordable and diverse housing on Bowen Island. #BowenIsland

It is important that Council makes Diverse and Affordable housing a #1 priority if we want to support a diverse, inclusive and vibrant community. It is difficult to see so many friends and neighbors forced to leave because of lack of rental accommodation or attainable housing. We need affordable housing in order to support our Island businesses that struggle to attract or keep staff because of lack housing options.

What can we focus on in the next 4 years to improve the situation?

  • Comprehensive planning of our Community Lands to enable greater housing diversity within easy access of Snug Cove.

  • Work with BC Housing, Private developers, BIM Housing committee and housing non-profits (i.e. Bowen Island Resilient Community Housing) on providing diverse housing options (duplexes, town homes, purpose built rental housing, co-ops etc).

  • Implement established municipal housing policies. (i.e. 15% affordable housing inclusionary zoning for new developments)

  • We can use new planning tools being enabled by the province such as rental only zoning and through programs such as the Housing Hub.

  • Undertake a review of current short term rentals operating on the Island to understand impacts on long term rentals and the role they play in our tourism economy.

More info about our community lands:

What is the HousingHub? HousingHub creates affordable rental and homeownership opportunities for middle-income British Columbians.


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